How much debt do you have in your family? You should really evaluate the amount of debt you have and your solvency or your ability to pay off your debts and your liquidity or your ability to purchase assets. For households, it is difficult if you are not secure. You should have little debt or no debt at all. Debts accrue interest and as time goes on, they become more difficult to pay off.

It is okay to have debt in a family if those debts are to pay off long term investments such as a phone plan, housing, or your brand new car. But before you get a loan, make sure first that you will be able to pay off that loan. Do not purchase items just because you want them or to show off to other people. If you do not afford a luxurious lifestyle, then don’t have a luxurious lifestyle. There is no shame in living simply.

Aside from that, when you build a family. You should first be financially secure especially if you plan to have kids. Unlike when you are single, you now have responsibility for another human being. Before you may live a life spending your entire paycheck on things you want and living off scraps for a month just to purchase that item but as a parent, you no longer can do that. Or even as a spouse. You are now living with someone else and you have to take equal responsibility in the household and with finances. You have to make smarter purchasing decisions.

Instead of getting loans for properties and instead of maxing out your credit limit, save up for the things you want to buy. Make sure you pay in cash and not on the account. While you shop til you drop you are enjoying it all. However, when the bill comes, it will be harder to cope.