Education is a right. However, free and accessible education is not available to everyone. More often than not, people only make it up to high school because they can no longer afford to go to college, especially to a university. People are being denied an education because of the fees they have to pay. Some people are fortunate enough to be born to wealthy or well off families. Some students are lucky enough to get student loans. But for others, they have to really work hard if they want to continue their studies in which some people choose not to continue anymore.

This is why student scholarships are important. Student scholarships enable people who want to continue their studies but cannot afford school fees to still be able to go to school. With student scholarships, school fees become less of a problem for students. If they are working to afford their education, their income may now go to their own pockets to buy things they want or to enable them to pay for other needs such as rent, food, school supplies, and other things. They could even save up for their books and other resources, or for a phone, tablet, or laptop.

Student scholarships may be given by the government, individuals, private companies, or the school itself. There are student scholarships for exemplary students who excel in various fields such as in academics, in sports, in the arts, and others. They may be recruited into the varsity team, or for the school’s glee club. There are also scholarships for people who are less fortunate and they qualify for these scholarships based on needs. Some scholarships have maintaining grade requirements while some do not. Some scholarships may even be full scholarships that cover even the dorm of students, books, with even allowances while some only cover tuition fees. Nonetheless, student scholarships are really helpful for one’s education.