Savings are really important for families. You never know when you will need extra funds. Especially these days when there is constant inflation and there are always new things that you have to pay for and also since health is uncertain these days, having savings for families is crucial. Some people do not understand how important having savings is and they just don’t care about it. As long as they survive, it’s okay with them. However, to make you fully understand how important it is to have savings for families, here are scenarios that families without savings experience.

At risk in health. Families without savings do not understand how important health is. They do not get to allocate cash for their vitamins and for the maintenance of their health such as regular check-ups. And since they do not have savings, how difficult would it be if anyone in the family gets a virus or is diagnosed with a disease or disorder? Then they would struggle to find cash for bills.No investments. Since this family does not have savings, they don’t save up enough for more costly investments such as real estate, vehicles, stocks, and other more worthwhile things. They struggle in times of need. An example of this is when one of the children reaches the age where he/she has to go to college. They might find it difficult to fund the child’s education because they do not have savings. Another example is during this pandemic. With work on pause, they might struggle to make it every day. They might be living off donations, subsidies from the government, and what little money they have. They always make do with what they have. There is no shame in doing this. But if you always make questionable purchasing decisions that leave you with this option alone, then perhaps you have to evaluate your choices. Maybe you have to save up money to spend on more important things.