In a fast paced world as hours, are savings still important?

Savings is important for everyone. It is important for individuals as well as families, organizations, and enterprises. Having savings gives you security for the future, that if unforeseen events may occur, you have savings to turn to and money to spend.

When it comes to families, the importance of household savings is that you are no longer just thinking about yourself. Once you’ve made the decision to get married, you are sharing your life with someone. And as you have kids, you and your spouse have responsibilities towards your children. As a family, you should go through things together and take care of one another.

Savings can give you the guarantee that your future is secured as well as the future of your children. If you are an employee, you never know until when you are going to be employed. One day, you might be terminated from your job post, the company might go bankrupt, you might get a serious disability that prevents you from working anymore, or you get to maximize your employment and reach retirement age. Still, you have to retire. There is an end to things. Or you might get sick one day or one of the members of your family does. Where will you get the money to spend on hospital bills?

Aside from that, in a family, there are a lot of expenses to consider. You have to consider housing which includes rent, mortgage, utilities, et cetera. You also pay for your car loan and its maintenance and also for gasoline. You pay for the education of your kids and the supplies that they need. You have to spend money on food and water. You purchase clothes and other miscellaneous items such as toiletries. These are the basic necessities that you have to pay for. There are also times when there are emergencies and other things such as the sudden need for repairs and the likes. Therefore, it is important to always be secured by having household savings.