Saving money is an art and requires basic skills with determination. How ordinary families save money? is a million-dollar question because it is not an ordinary task for saving money by middle or low-class families. The income would be not a big one for those families and in spite of the obstacles, these families save money every month. The basic idea of saving money comes from experience and learning. The family member who is in charge of money matters has to learn from mistakes done in the past. The past mistakes would teach or give him or her the ways of saving money at least a minimum.

Saving money by ordinary families is a daunting task indeed. Yes, they suffer due to price high on important commodities suddenly where they live. However, they would reduce some expenditure that is being spent on secondary importance. They give importance to only inevitable products and events that occur in their families. Planning meals is an important task of the home leader without spending too much on hotels. The saving is also possible by buying second-hand products instead of fresh ones. For example, spending money on buying newspapers can be canceled and instead depend on the public library. This is an intelligent move for saving money by the ordinary family.

Analyzing the spending habit of the past month and try to cut any extra spending so that some money can be saved in addition. It is always better not to purchase any unwanted materials. Spending more money for fun and entertainment is reduced and can enjoy at the home by sharing fun stores and playing games. The ordinary families save money by spending money only for necessary things that are very important for life. Also, smart shopping strategies would save money for ordinary families. Saving money habit should be inculcated into the minds of young people for their future